Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch with my BFF Eirene. We had on the same Halloween shirt and we didn’t even plan it! We were so excited, we couldn’t stay still the whole time.

We saw so many pumpkins.

I rode my first pony.

We played in a mountain of hay.

Funnel Cake. WOW!

Eirene and I agree. It was a fun place.

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Mommy and Daddy took me to the National Avairy where birds live. I like birds.

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BFF Birthday!

Happy Birthday Eirene! My BFF had a birthday. She is two years old and she had a party with cupcakes! Pirate cupcakes, arrrgg.

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We took another long car ride to a place called Montreal. First, we stopped by Juniper’s house in Kitchener to take a break and I could show her what a laptop does.

We left Juniper’s house to keep driving and driving and driving. It was a long drive but I slept most of the way. We did stop at a park in Kingston to eat and Mommy and Daddy let me chase birds for a long time.


We walked around the city a lot and took lots of pictures but our camera lost them somehow, maybe we left them there? We went to a big party where everyone talked funny. None of the kids couldn’t say more than hi but we could still play together.

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Tomato Thief!

I finally got to pick that big green berry I’ve had my eye on for weeks. Tastes very yummy too!
I picked the biggest one, too bad there are only two of them but I saved the other one for mommy and daddy.


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I love my daddy!

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I love helping mommy in the yard. It’s fun to put on these big gloves, pick up leaves and put them in the big trash can. Oh, I found a pillow outside. I just need to rest my head for a minute…

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Nap time

Daddy says I’m a diagonal sleeper like mommy.

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Medieval Times

We went to Pennsic again and this time I was more prepared than last year. Pennsic is much more fun when you can walk! It was very, very hot this year so I got to play in a big red tub of water for my baths. We slept in a big tent and did everything outside! It’s the best time EVAR! despite having to dress funny.

Here is my red tub!

Kharin and I. Kharin is 8 months older and says the word “MINE” a lot.

Here is me with Mommy and Daddy after they performed. I was getting sick with some medieval plaque called the Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. Yucky.

Some days it was just too hot to do much.

I wasn’t sick for long and was able to attend my first medieval rock concert. Here I’m hanging with my BFF Eirene to watch Turku. Sure was lots of fire and noise involved.

Pennsic is exhausting. Till next year…

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Oh Canada!

We took a trip to that land again called Canada. We stopped at Niagara Falls and saw lots of water. We took a boat ride to see the falling water. It was noisy and we got all wet.

Then we went to the Lion Safari. I got to sit in the front seat in our car and watch the animals. I like birds.

Here Daddy and I spotted a peacock, so we sat and waited for it to come out.

I like owls too!

We then went to a place called Elora Gorge and did that living outdoor thing called camping. I love camping. We went swimming in a lake but mommy made me get out cause there were leeches in the water. I saw one my sister caught, what’s the big deal?

The grown ups put up ths tent to keep me in one place but I was smart and snuck out. I just couldn’t figure out how to get back in.

We also spent a lot of time just hanging out with Aunt Stayce and Uncle Brock. Talking.

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