So we just got back from canoeing and camping in some place called “wayupnorth”; it was kind of like it is at home in the U.S. except that people are overly polite and apologize a lot. I’m so happy to have survived my first international trip!

The canoeing was fun, but I had to wear some sort of horrible torture device called a “life vest”…I’m pretty sure I do NOT want to spend my *life* in one!
Camping was fun too, there were lots of things to look at, including my camping friend Laure who can do a funny sort of dance, where she waves her arms and legs around, that I find highly amusing.
The weather was great, but it did get just a little bit cold one night, but I had my “bunny suit” so I was all toasty warm.
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  1. Lori says:

    OMG this is hilarious…

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