My new BFF Juniper

I have a new friend. Her name is Juniper. We’re both Taurus, born in May, and our birth stone is a dilithium crystal. I wonder what other similiarities we will have?

Right now, she sure is much smaller than me.

See! I am teaching her a very powerful magic spell. WIZAAAAARHHDD!



Finally! Someone with less hair than me!

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One Response to My new BFF Juniper

  1. stayce says:

    thanks for posting these! juniper will be so pleased to be featured, especially in her uncle fester guise. she’s still working on her spellcasting every day. so far, her dad and i are completely under her spell & possibly her grandmothers, as well. of course, she is in turn mesmerized by the mobile she inherited from aislynn… a form of mind control?

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