We went to Lynette’s house to eat lots of food. I really loved the rolls once you put a bunch of butter on them. I got to play a piano and I found every candy stash in the house.

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It’s been awhile..

We had a very busy summer and fall!!! We took lots of trips, moved to our new house and now I’m being told I’m about to be a big sister??

Mommy went on a trip, I didn’t even notice she was gone. I was too busy with my BFF Eirene.

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Easter Bunny

Mommy wanted me sit on this giant bunny’s lap.

I don’t think so.

but hunt for these brightly colored plastic eggs filled with candy?

I can do that!

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Aislynn…what are you doing?

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I will help you mommy.

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Working on my skillz…

It’s still too cold outside to play, so I’m catching up on my literary skills.

Learning about hygiene…

Practing my dexerity..

Working on my culinary skills..

and about interpersonal relationships <3 Happy Birthday Daddy!

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Tribal girl…

Mommy and I were painting. Then Mommy started painting me!

I had my first lesson in mousterian technology…I think that means I get to run around with no diaper and play with a stick.

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Catching up…

Trying to catch up my blog…

I like to cook, so Santa brought me an awesome kitchen for Santa-brings-presents-day. Unfortunately I think there was a labor dispute with his elves because it came all in parts and daddy had to spend all afternoon putting it together. It had a LOT of pieces:

In the end it was awesome! I baked lots of imaginary cupcakes and then I helped mommy make some real ones. I got to decorate them

We went up to visit my friend Juniper again. She’s older now and much more fun now that she doesn’t just sleep all the time. I’m happy to help with a baby now that I’m a big girl

When Juniper came to visit me, we had Eirene come over and we played D&D with our figures until we got all tired:

I’ll tell ya, that Juniper really knows how to party!

Let’s see…what else?

I learned about painting:

I’ve become and excellent climber:

And I’m FINALLY growing some hair on top of my head:

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Cabin Fever

It’s been awhile… and since I’m cooped up in the house (mommy doesn’t like that white cold stuff… and I’m not really sure I do either… ) I guess I’ll do some blog updating.

After we the dance party, the next day, Mommy and Daddy had a party outside in the place with all the stone things:

then we went twik-r-tweet (which is some game where you run up to houses and yell and they give you things):

It was kind of scary sometimes, but I had fun and got all tired out.

Then I helped mommy clean up leaves (apparently they all fall off the trees every year! Those trees are messy!)

I’m learning all sorts of new stuff like how to build with blocks:

Next time I’ll tell you about all the hole-ee-days…

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Halloween is my favorite! I love pumpkins and trik-R-tweet!

I had two Halloween costumes this year! I was a science officer from some science show from way back in the 60s called “Star Trek”. We had a big party where mommy and Aunt Beth and Aunt Darcy painted themselves green and everyone danced. Eirene and I got to run around and eat cookies and we even drank out of a big bucket!

Here is Eirene and I dancing onstage next to a huge blue thing called a TARDIS that daddy built. Eirene was a Star Trek officer too.

Our friend Juniper was there as well, but she was a mermaid and mermaids can’t dance outside the water, so her daddy had to carry her everywhere. I was sad: I think her mommy and daddy forgot to bring enough water for her.

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